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My plans to visit the National Zoo fell through. Hurricane Arthur made for particularly muggy weather in the D.C. area so I opted to spend my days inside air conditioned museums instead. Anyway, the National Zoo doesn't have penguins which is quite surprising. While the Denver zoo may rank low, it wins by default here.
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This year, my company held their sometimes annual summer party at the Denver Zoo. Since I hadn't been to this local zoo in about 20 years, I attended despite my experience at the previous summer party.

The Denver Zoo isn't world class by any means. In fact, it's fairly mediocre based on my limited knowledge of other zoos. Still, they have some penguins and giraffes which are my favorite animals. Too bad those the exhibits themselves are quite mundane.

I didn't leave completely disappointed however. I rode the carousel out of a sense of nostalgia for an era I never lived in. During the ride, I found that every carousel may actually be a time machine to the past. Go for a ride on your next opportunity.

Also, I learned much about the "bongo". Not the preferred drum for 60's hipsters but the large antelope species. A baby bongo was born just two weeks ago and so I watched the new family for a good while. At the gift shop, I was looking for a little souvenir to remember this but there were none. In fact the staff were clueless to what a bongo was or even that the baby was just born. What lousy marketing.

After the lackluster time, I felt that I should now see what a top grade zoo could offer. My trip to Washing D.C. soon provides this great chance and while it wasn't in my itinerary before, it is now. Expect another review then.

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