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Well it was a couple of boring weeks leading up to my trip to Seattle for PAX Prime. For this post I'll blog about Seattle and then I'll write about the convention itself in another post. The archives show my previous visit was way back in 2007. This year I met up with johno64 just as we had met up for PAX East in Boston last year.

Seattle is still a vibrant city with a lot to see and do. A quick rundown of my site-seeing: the Seattle public library, international district/china town, the underground tour, pikes place, Japanese garden, the duck tour, the Seattle center, EMP Museum, gum wall, several barcades, plenty of nice meals, and general wandering about downtown. Denver seems dull in comparison but it's my familiarity that makes it that way. In fact I met a student that grew up in Seattle and now goes to school in Denver and he has the opposite view so there you go.

Still, I have been giving some consideration to making a change. My attempts to transfer over to Germany failed but I think I could find an opportunity to get a job in Washington (I work for a subsidiary of a major firm there). If I take stock of my life: good job in a nice city with a house in a suburbs, I can't complain. I might be able to duplicate those blessings elsewhere but there's no guarantee. Is it worth risking what I have just for a change of view? I don't know right now.

I experienced the very best of Seattle in a week. Living there I might come to find it just as dull as Denver. A trip to someplace new should be enough to liven up without upsetting regular life.

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