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Leading up to PAX Prime, I had been in a gaming mood and spent several hours each day playing a variety of games. Now at PAX I would get a preview of all the newest titles coming out soon. Not that I will be playing them soon since I’m still playing games from last year.

People are willing to stand in a line for hours to play a game that will be released in 3 months. I am patient enough to play the game when it’s release in due time but not to wait in line. Instead my queue of choice was for panels. Some of the panels I wanted to see filled up before I could secure a seat. Others were so empty I could have walked in and gotten front row. It was often tough to predict which would be the case.

The Keiji Inafune presentation would fill up quickly I knew so I showed up early and got in. My dedication was rewarded with a limited edition, numbered t-shirt for his new game Mighty No. 9. After that panel I quickly rushed to a retro game vendor booth and bought Mega Man 6 for him to sign. This was the highlight of the show for me.

Like every con, I make an attempt to play some tabletop games but failed again. Although there are games ongoing non-stop, the majority are in progress. Without knowing when the next game will start, I'm not willing to wait around for a spot to open up.

Johno and I played some co-op Donkey Kong Country in the console freeplay. Later I played Luigi’s Mansion and Mario Land on 3DS. I’m certain I played more old games than new. Although I wanted to enter the Tetris Attack tournament, it took place after I had left.

Other misc notes: I saw a surveillance drone for the first time. I expect this will be common before too long.

Somehow I didn’t get sick this year. Microsoft was nice enough to provide hand sanitizer next to the game stations. The free-standing sanizer dispensers that are placed throughout were stocked with regular old hand soap which is useless without water.

I enjoyed the con due a lot to having a friend along for the ride. Had I gone solo, it would have been a drag. Sad that even in a sea of fellow geeks, I’m not engaging enough to make new friends.

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