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Added 2 hours to my birthday yesterday by flying west through two time zones back home. The previous few days spent on a holiday trip to New York City. I was once advised that the best time to see NYC is during Christmas time. While it was cold and sometimes snowy, it was very festive.

With just 3 days I concentrated my trip to Manhattan and then really only mid town. Even in that one area however there was lot to do:

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Central Park
Museum of Natural History
Rockefeller Center
Top of the Rock
Radio City Music Hall
The Rockettes Christmas Show
Nintendo World Store
Grand Central Terminal
Site-seeing cruise around Manhattan
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Times Square
Empire State Building
Museum of Modern Art

Many calories were burned in this mad rush. I ate just for energy and when convenient so I missed fine dining. Still I got some cheap pizza, nice ramen, and an amazing reuben sandwich at Katz's.

Never made time to get to the 9/11 memorial. Next time.

A tremendous trip and I can now endorse New York City during Christmas time.

Some brief thoughts and observations:
$1 pizza is better than expected.
Drivers are wild but pedestrians even more so.
New Yorkers are surprisingly friendly.
Subway works great. Metrocard is junk though.
Comfortable shoes are a must.
Men wear scarves. I wore a scarf too and it helped a lot to stay warm.
20 blocks = approx. 1 mile.
La Guardia is a pathetic little airport.
Some restaurants only take cash.
Maybe because of this, there are ATMs everywhere. I even saw a mobile ATM on wheels.
City is clean. There are litter bins on every block.
Snow is a burden as there is no place to shovel it and the tall buildings block the sun most of the day.
Sunglasses are unnecessary.
"The City that never Sleeps" is misleading. Stores close, trains stop, people go home.
Few homeless people seen. Seattle has more.
Start early and eat a giant breakfast for power and stamina. The next meal may be a while.
I was mistaken for a local several times. With so much diversity, you can't judge a book by the cover.

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