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This year I went to fewer concerts but instead saw more musicals. On Saturday, I enjoyed the modern hit "Jersey Boys". Basing a show on the lives of an iconic band ensure that at least the music will be a highlight. "American Idiot" uses Green Day music but isn't about the band itself. In contrast, "Pippin" was fun in all areas except the music.

"Jersey Boys" portrays the life of Frankie Valli and the The Four Seasons. This music was before my time but I still recognize many of their hit songs. I actually saw Frankie Valli perform in D.C. on the Forth of July. Although I didn't have a good view, I can see what I missed on youtube here.

The stage production was better than I expected. A complex plot is of secondary focus. The rags to riches of a music group is common enough premise for a story. Where "Jersey Boys" excels is the song and dance. It feels like you're watching the real band at their best and not just actors. The facsimile is spot on.

There's a new movie based on the show that I'm now interested in seeing.
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Coincidentally, this weekend was full of song and dance. First, I dragged [ profile] kyaathecatlord from his solitude to go see "Muppets Most Wanted". I still maintain a nostalgic childhood enjoyment for the Muppets and the movies leave me grinning and happy inside. It's good wholesome fun with catchy, witty songs. Bret from Flight of the Conchords fame writes the music and it shows. With my spirits lifted, the next night's show would be quite different.

I had a ticket to see a musical downtown: "Chicago". It's not that I'm a huge fan of musicals but I remember really enjoying the Hollywood version of this show. Prohibition era in Chicago interests me and the play is a dark satire on corruption without any gangsters, bootlegging, etc. The play was very well performed and used a lot of 4th wall humor that kept the story from getting too grim. Check out the award-winning movie sometime if you've never seen it.

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