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I'm a homebody so I'm happy just to hang out at home most evening and weekends. Every now and then however I feel I should probably go out and do something worth blogging about. So on Saturday I went to the Denver Art Museum to see the special exhibition of Star Wars costumes. This exhibit has been a big hit for the museum with many weekends booked. I had to make a reservation! The crowd was mostly families with their kids but they were well behaved.

Going in, my expectations were low. Jedi costumes are plain brown robes while Queen Amidala has dozens of elaborate dresses. Indeed this described about half of the costumes on display. My favorites are the droids and the military costumes like storm troopers and X-wing pilots and they had those too. I wished they had more of the alien costumes however. There was Chewbacca and Wicket but little else. Still, it was a well done exhibit and great for fans.

Afterward, I strolled around the museum a bit more and ventured outside too to enjoy the nice weather. I had never been to the museum complex during the day and made a note to visit more often. Whenever I travel, I often visit museums so I really should visit local museums more.

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