Dog injury

Dec. 16th, 2014 01:07 pm
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Lefty tore a dewclaw on our walk last night and it was bleeding all over. I nearly went to the vet ER but the bleeding stopped after a lot of licking by Lefty. I cleaned and dressed the wound as best I could and went to the vet today. The doctor removed the damaged nail and bandaged his leg. Lefty is doing okay now but he was pretty stressed out. I was stressed too.
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With no plans made and a sense of boredom looming, I consulting the web for entertainment last night and learned that Cesar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer", would be performing a live show. Back when I got Lefty, I read through one of his books and it really taught me a lot about dogs. I've seen a few episodes of his show too although I wouldn't consider myself a fan.

Still, the show seemed like good fun so I went down to the theater expecting to get a ticket from a scalper for cheap. That didn't happen. Apparently the tickets were features on a big discount web site and they sold a lot of seats. I resorted to the box office and paid the full price. At least I avoided the dreaded "convenience fees".

Cesar himself is quite entertaining. He's very animated and uses a lot of physical humor and impressions to teach. Of course the show also includes some of his personal dogs but they aren't really the focus. I was thinking I might see some great dog tricks but there were none. Actually when the dogs started to steal the spotlight, Cesar had them removed so the audience wouldn't get distracted from his act. That's no fun.

3 troubled shelter dogs were brought out for Cesar to work his magic with. He's sometimes criticized that his TV show makes dog training look simple thanks to clever editing. Well his training technique did help one dog and owner in just a few minutes. Quite impressive. The other 2 dogs he couldn't help as well. One was too shy and the other didn't exhibit the bad behavior on stage. Such are the risks of working with animals. Still, he managed to salvage those bits and offer advice just the same.

By the end I saw Cesar as a sort of zen master for dog people. Being calm, staying collected, living in the moment, and other such lessons make it a sort of self-help show. At times I felt a tinge that I had paid for snake oil. Other times I clapped along in agreement for how to live a happy, complete life.

It's clear to other dog owner I'm sure but if I consider it, I'd like to think that raising a dog has made me a better person.
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As a dog owner, I prefer to support dog friendly businesses. For example, between Lowes and Home Depot, I always go to Lowes because the manager allows dogs. Outside of pet stores and hardware stores, most other business only allow service animals. This is for the best. A grocery store is no place for pets. Restaurants too prohibit animals for legit health concerns. Bars are a grey area however and so dog friendly taverns seem to be more common lately. I'm not entirely sure how bars that serve food can allow this however.

One such venue I went to recently had so many dogs I was worried for the waitresses. The chances of tripping over a dog or their leash would seem large enough to make handling drinks a tall order.

An even more unusual event combined dogs with painting classes. Imagine a typical painting class: canvases, aprons, wine, etc. then add dogs running around. While the dogs mingle with each other, the humans learn how to paint a picture of a dog (the dogs themselves are not painted as you might be thinking).

For your amusement I present to you my very first attempt at painting.

What I was aiming for:

What I made:

I admit it's terrible but I'm still proud of it. Succeed or fail, the real value was in the attempt itself.

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