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As a dog owner, I prefer to support dog friendly businesses. For example, between Lowes and Home Depot, I always go to Lowes because the manager allows dogs. Outside of pet stores and hardware stores, most other business only allow service animals. This is for the best. A grocery store is no place for pets. Restaurants too prohibit animals for legit health concerns. Bars are a grey area however and so dog friendly taverns seem to be more common lately. I'm not entirely sure how bars that serve food can allow this however.

One such venue I went to recently had so many dogs I was worried for the waitresses. The chances of tripping over a dog or their leash would seem large enough to make handling drinks a tall order.

An even more unusual event combined dogs with painting classes. Imagine a typical painting class: canvases, aprons, wine, etc. then add dogs running around. While the dogs mingle with each other, the humans learn how to paint a picture of a dog (the dogs themselves are not painted as you might be thinking).

For your amusement I present to you my very first attempt at painting.

What I was aiming for:

What I made:

I admit it's terrible but I'm still proud of it. Succeed or fail, the real value was in the attempt itself.

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