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Jogging is my preferred means of getting exercise because it's cheap and simple. No need for gym memberships or expensive equipment. Just throw on a pair of running shoes and go. It's also convenient since I have to walk Lefty anyway, I might as well get some exercise while I'm at it. I had never attempted a marathon race however. The idea of spending $50+ for the privilege of jogging conflicts with why I prefer to run.

However, last year I convinced myself to attempt a 10K at the local marathon Boulder Bolder. Some of my co-workers were also running so we encouraged each other. In the end, I enjoyed it more than I imagined and I felt good about my health.

I failed to keep up my momentum however. I started biking more in the summer and then Lefty torn his ACL so he wasn't able to run. He had his surgery but still couldn't run with me during his recovery time. That was enough for me to stop jogging and start putting on weight. Then winter came and the sidewalks got icy. I know, lots of excuses.

What I needed was something to motivate me to get back into running shape. With the Boulder Bolder coming up again in a few months, I signed up again to give me that kick. Let's go!
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