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In Twenty Eighteen I took a little trip
flew from the Rocky Mountains to the mighty Mississip.
I took a little luggage and took pair of jeans
and I ate a lot of food in the town of New Orleans.

With the fall semester ending, I was finally free to use my excess time from off from work to take a vacation. As I live in Colorado, my preference is to go someplace warm in December. That and Homer Simpson convinced me to take my first visit to New Orleans (apparently known as NOLA).

I contest that you can get good food and drink in any city but New Orleans does offer a large number of specialty dishes. Indeed the food was excellent. I allocated my 7 meals over 2.5 days to get the most southern food I could.

BBQ shrimp
Muffuletta sandwich
Seafood gumbo
Bananas Foster frech toast
Fried oysters Po'Boy
Fried Chicken
Rabbit jamalaya

Being a social drinker, I didn't drink that much since I was traveling solo. I did drink a number of local beers and couple cocktails.

The real highlight to me was the National World War 2 museum. It's not in DC or NYC as you might guess but right in the big easy. It's an incredible museum that started out with a focus on D-Day only but has expanded to include the entirety of the war. Highly recommended.

Also on my trip I did a walking tour of the French Quarter / Cemetary and then took a Mississippi River cruise to the site of the Battle of New Orleans. Both were very interesting.

Mardi Gras is the most popular time to visit but I wasn't brave (or rich) enough for those crowds. Instead, I went to the place where all the floats for the parades are constructed. There you can see a bit of Mardi Gras any time of year.

I was pleaseantly suprised by the number of art galleries. Such an ecceltic city draws a lot of artists. I was tempted to buy some art several times but decided that the prices were just too high. I don't need original pieces that cost thousands of dollars. A nice print looks just as good at a fraction of the price.

Gambling is curious there. Harrahs has a big casino right on Canal street but otherwise gambling is mostly absent. Some restaurants will have 1-2 slot machines but it's nothing like Las Vegas gambling. The Harrah's Casino in Vegas has a Mardi Gras theme but I guess the New Orleans locals get enough of that so there is no such theme in the NOLA Harrahs.

"I've been very lucky with gambling. I've never won." -Sid Youngers

Some miscellaneous observations: I witiness mutiple film crews filming around the city. Must be a popular city for TV / movies.

NOLA is the city to be in for construction contractors. On nearly every block I witnessed interior and/or exterior remodels.

I walked all about the city and feel it's not the safest place to walk. At least in NYC, pedestrians have safety in numbers. In NOLA: the cars are aggresive, the roads are occasionally in poor shape, and pedestrains have little patience to not jaywalk. Always look both ways and then again when crossing the street.

I did make my way up the Frenchmen street where the real jazz happens every night. This is where you find more locals and fewer tourists. As a result, there is a larger vagrant population so I didn't stay long.

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