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As a fan of stand-up comedy, I have many acts that I enjoy. My tastes in comedy are electric but I think that is true for everybody. If I had to pick a favorite however, I think Jerry Seinfeld would be at or near the top. His sitcom originally aired when I was 12 and ended when I was 21 which were prime years for developing my sense of humor I feel. I missed the first season or two I think as did many others. Once I found out about it, I watched every week.

I've listened to the albums, watched the specials but have never seen him perform live. That is until 2 weekd ago when he had a show here in Denver at the Bellco Theater downtown. Stand-up comedy works best in a comedy club. There is an intimacy and a connection in a small venue that is missing in a giant concert hall (The same holds true to live music as well but to a lesser degree). With an act as big as Seinfeld however, there is just no getting around the giant venue. The crowds necessitate it.

Knowing this, I paid more for a close seat though I was still 30 rows back. The other problem with large venues for comedy is that there is no drink service. Drinks are served outside only which means missing part of the act if you aren't inebriated enough.

Fortunately Jerry's act is so good you needn't be close up or drunk to enjoy it. He killed as expected and I was not disappointed. Jerry is often described as 'obvervational' comedy in that he finds humor in the routine and mundane. Stuff that most everyone can relate to.

Food, for example, is a topic he may be borrowing more from comedians like Jim Gaffighan or Bryan Regan. Jim does Hot Pockets, Jerry does Pop-Tarts. I was also relieved that it was mostly new material. There was only one joke that I can recall hearing before. Surprisingly consider he has recorded so few albums. I've found that comedians that don't put out albums/specials regularly tend to recycle their act too long.

I keep an eye on the calendar for the local comedy clubs and wait patiently for my favorite acts to come. Perhaps instead I should experiment with other acts I'm not familiar with.
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