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As a bachelor, I admit I'm not much of a cook. I have a handful of go-to meals that are quick, easy, and don't make much of a mess. Given that I seldom eat out, I should be better at preparing meals at home. Fortunately work has a really good cafeteria with restaurant level food at reduced prices. For that reason, I make lunch my main meal of the day and dinner is really spartan.

This works well for my diet as well. Eating the largest meal of the day just hours before going to bed converts calories into fat. Anyway, where I was going is that I do cook something more complex on occasion and during the summer, the preferred appliance is the outdoor grill.

For many years, I was content with a simple George Foreman indoor electric grill: ally to all lazy bachelors. Then one year I had the opportunity to get a propane gas grill for a steal. Literally, I nabbed it from the street on large item trash pickup day. This is the day that the trashman will pickup extra-large items and it's a scavengers holiday. Every year there are several grills on their way to the dump so I saved one that was in decent shape. One serious power wash later and a propane tank purchase, I was up and grilling.

Well after one summer of grilling, I learned why that grill was being discarded. It was crap. Specifically, it never got hot enough to cook food properly. So the next year, it was me tossing it out on the annual large item pickup day. I learned that if I wanted to grill, I should invest in a good one.

And by good one, that means a Weber grill. By most accounts, these are the top of the line grills and they are priced accordingly. What's more, they never go on sale. I perused the lineup at the local hardware store almost weekly. Not during Memorial Day, Independence Day, or even Labor Day was there even the slightest discount. I was tempted to settle for a lesser brand but held out. Then my patience paid off.

Finally, I found a floor model marked down 50%. Without hesitation, I bought it. The chore came in getting it home. Since it was already assembled, it wouldn't fit in my mid-sized sedan. So I brought my tool box to the store and disassembled the grill in the parking lot to get it home only to re-assemble it on my deck. It's a good thing I like taking things apart. Doing so I witnessed just why Weber grills are high end. They really are made to last. But how does it cook? Fantastic.

I have been grilling every chance I can get and the results are delicious. I was skeptical that food cooked over a gas flame was really any better than the electric grill. Now I'm a believer. Burger King was right. The downside here is that I'm making more eleborate dinners and I'm already starting to feel heavier. Certainly this phase will pass and I won't feel the need to grill daily. (Lefty is thrilled by the new food too since he gets a taste).
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