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While there is still a bit of summer left in the tank, school is underway again. In truth I've been looking forward to hitting the books again. Momentum is undervalued in many aspects including school. I'm over half way done but I can see the finish line which gives me a boost to finish.

To recap August, I spent most weekends on landscaping projects. Normally I would prefer to be up in the mountains hiking, etc. but Lefty has an injured knee and the one hike we did do may have agitated that further. So instead of being in the great outdoors, I was in the okay outdoors. Specifically, the side of my house installing a paved walkway. Were I to hire a pro, no doubt this would be completed in a single weekend. As an amateur, it's taken me multiple weekends. Also, I pace myself with just a few hours per day which delays the completion. Still, I may just finish before the summer truly ends.

Not able to get the embeded photo working so this link will have to suffice.

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