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I was in a bit of a holding pattern the last month or two as I was awaiting news about a job opening. It was a really exciting opportunity and I made it far into the selection process but didn't get the job in the end. Having missing a similar job previously, I knew to not get my hopes up this time so I was only slightly disappointed. So it's back to plan A: finish school and...

With my summer calendar suddenly cleared up, I made a quick trip to Washington D.C. for Independence Day. Actually I made this same trip 4 years ago. Since I had seen many of the sites already, this trip was more relaxed.

International Spy Museum - Not free but still worth it. Lots of parents and kids were there.
Newseum - Another paid museum but really great. The 9-11 exhibit is small but really moving. They also had a cheaply done display on presidential pets that I still really enjoyed.
National Gallery of Art (East Building) - I wanted to see some modern / contemporary art. Not as good as MoMA in NYC but still okay.
Hishhorn Museum - Another modern art museum. The weird stuff is here.

I'm happy to report that the new metro trains are a big improvement over the old ones with the carpet. I was able to ride the new trains all but once so they are common now.

My previous trip to DC included the PBS performance of "A Capitol Fourth" so I tried to see it again. I arrived 2 hours early to try to secure a good place to sit but it was already too late. To get a decent spot requires showing up 6 hours early. The view was very obstructed so I aborted that plan and went back to my hotel to watch the special on TV. Once the fireworks started, I went outside and down the block and got a better view than I would have from the capitol building.

As is happens, two of my friends were also in the DC area so I visited both of them. At my age, I don't have so many friends so I was happy to be able to hang out.

My interest in the World Cup is mild this year but as my surrogate team (Belgium) continues to advance, my interest grows. So I took a break from site seeing to visit a sports bar and watch the game. The bar was packed but as a party of one, I secured a place at the bar to witness another victory.

Also sport related, I got free tickets to see the Washington Nationals play. I don't watch baseball on TV but I do like going to the park to see a game. The Nats (as the locals call them) were slumping so I had low expectations and even planned to leave early should the game be a blowout. After 4 innings, the Nats where losing 9-0 and I was all set to leave. However, I stuck around long enough to see the Nats pulled off an amazing comeback complete with a grand slam home run! It became a thrilling game and I'm glad that I stuck it out.

Against my better judgement, I used a discount airline (Frontier) and I learned my lesson. Both of the flights were late. Also, upon arrival in DC, the airplane starting emitting a lot condensation into the cabin. We were assured that it was nothing to be concerned about but I was certainly startled having never seen such a thing in all my travels.
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