Feb. 17th, 2018 10:14 am
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A peculiar opportunity came up at work that I'm sort of considering. Although I've been with the company for 10 years and my field even longer, I'm pessimistic to this combination lasting in the long term. I work in IT which has a ever changing skillset that tends to favor educated youth over experienced aged. That is why I am going for my master's degree to at least be educated aged.

Basically I have an excellent, well-paying job that I'll probably lose sometime in the next 20 years. I need to expand my skillset to make it to retirement. Back to this weird situation. There is an internship listed at my company looking for a student in the middle of a master's degree that is studying what I am studying. To me, that is an enticing chance to launch a new career.

The downside is that I'd have to give up my current salary for internship money for the 3 months of the internship. Doing the math, I'd lose about $15,000. Now, switching careers often means accepting a lower salary so while it would be painful, I could do it. The other risk is what happens after the intership is finished. I spoke with my boss and my boss's boss and I was assured that I could have my old job back if I want it. That's a generous safety net should my new career plans fail.

With that all established, it couldn't hurt to apply. With me already being an employee, I'd guess that gives me an advantage over real interns. HR told me there are already over 100 applicants however so it's not a given.
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