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2018 is well underway so before it gets too late, I want to review 2017.

Most importantly I made great progress towards my master's degree. I just about half way done already. There have been some challenges and it isn't always a plesant experience. Once I had to involve the ombudsman over a grade dispute. Despite the high ranking, I wouldn't recommend this school. It's more difficult to change however so I'm hoping that I can push through the 2nd half without incident.

Travel opportunities are harder when assignments are due. True I could work on them anywhere which is what I did on a week long business trip to Orlando for Microsoft Ignite. That was my first Ignite and quite possibly my last if I'm able to turn this education into a new career. Such plans are in motion early for this year.

I also went to Phoenix in the spring and San Diego in the winter for a quick weekend of warmer weather. This year I'd like to travel to even warmer destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, etc.

The highlight for summer of 2017 was hosting a friend from abroad. He tolerated me dragging him to a variety of Colorado tourist traps.

No significant purchases unless you consider tuition (which is reimbursed by work). Instead I put more savings into investments for retirement. No, not bitcoin or other cryptocurrency (perhaps regrettably).

A pleasant surprise came by an entirely unexpected promotion at work. I'm now a senior system administrator. So if my plans completely fall through, I can ride this job for a bit longer.

Not so thrilling I know but I managed to due an entire year of meatless Mondays (mostly). There is little chance of me turning vegetarian but for my own health I will stick with this habit.

Those are the 2017 highlights that I can recall. There may be others in the archives that I could reference. I'll save my memory and rely on those entries instead.
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