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I missed all of September blogging so it's time once again to condense it all down into one post.

Fall semester is underway and it's going well. While the material is always engaging, the way it is taught is inconsistent with each instructor. This semester I'm taking two class each with a very different instructor. One is difficult to reach with the class all taught through readings and youtube videos. The other is more hands on and use live WebEx sessions to engage with the class. What is startling is just how many questions students have related to logistics of the class.

For example, questions about due dates, how to turn in assignments, which file format to use, which program or technology to use, and what the requirements are. I'm certain that both of these courses have been taught a number of times already and this isn't the first time these types of questions have been asked. Both instructors seem a bit frustrated by these questions so why aren't they answered in a FAQ or the syllabus already?

Another example: The coursework is all online including quizzes. Only one professor has used the technology to make his or her job simpler. If a quiz is well written and uses multiple choice, then it is graded automatically as soon as the quiz is finished. Still, some professor write quizzes with some write in answers. The multiple choices answers are graded but then someone (the TA) has to manually grade every quiz.

As much as I dislike Java, the teacher was excellent and used lots of great technology to review code and automatically give feedback on error or other missing requirements. That was a well designed course because of that.

Well, what good does writing all this here do? I give this same to the program directors but little is done about it. They promise to use my input to improve the classes but it's too late for me and I'll never know if they really do either. And this is the #2 ranked online Masters of IT program. I can only image how bad others must be.

I ranted a bit there so I'll save the good stuff for the next post. It won't take a month I promise.

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