Apr. 13th, 2019

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With several scenarios going through my mind lately related to life prospects, I came to some conclusions. Lefty's birthday was on April 12th. He just turned 9 and I was setting that event as sort of a point of no return. It's mostly arbitrary but my thinking was that a dog that old shouldn't be subjected to a stressful change. A new home is an exciting but also challenging event even for a human. A former neighbor of mine only moved across town from their home into a nicer home but sadly their pet dog did not survive even such a short distance.

So as the week leading up to this week progressed, I was starting to accept that an exciting new life in Europe just wasn't in the cards. Adding fuel to my new position was the 2019 report of top US cities to live in. Denver ranked #2 (just behind Austin). Here I am in the 2nd best city in America, with a nice home that I can afford and a job that I mostly enjoy. About the only reason I have to leave is boredom. Generally that type of problem can be remedied by frequent travel. Being away is a certain way to renew appreciation for home.

With my mindset quickly setting in, all that was needed was the coup de gras. Coincidently (or perhaps a stranger power), I received the news on April 12 that my 4th attempt at a job in Europe was officially a failure. I had suspected that was the case but I let me optimism blind me to the truth. Not even a master's degree in IT would help get me there. Impossible to know why but reminds me to understand a problem before you attempt a solution.

While I was disappointed, I was also relieved. Now I could get on with other plans. The first order of business, buy that car I've been eyeing for years. It's something that I promised myself as a gift for finishing my degree and while I'm not there yet, it's just 5 weeks away. I needed something to encourage me to finish this endeavor now that the primary reason I had is lost. Also, I happened to come across the specific vehicle I wanted with the right configuration and price. More on that later.

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