Jan. 22nd, 2019


Jan. 22nd, 2019 03:08 pm
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Merry New Year! Well I suppose it is a bit late for that now. Merry Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This is the final year I can use my lazy new year's resolution again. Finish school. This is the last semester before I graduate and I'm already surveying opportunities for a job change this year. Should that fail, plan B is to save as much as I can while I'm still relevant in IT so that I'm financially sound should this career have an early ending.

Outside of school and career news, I signed up for a comedy writing workshop. Reading these posts, I wouldn't blame you for wondering how such a boring person could write comedy. My preference is to have comedy delivered verbally like a stand-up comic does. Those jokes are written at some point. I gather that every comic has a different means of coming up with material. This course seems to use improv and then building on that to create sketch comedy. First class is this week. Maybe this could be plan C. C as in Comedy. Hey-ooooh!

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