May. 29th, 2018


May. 29th, 2018 07:32 pm
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I start off most every morning by taking Lefty (my beagle) for a walk. It gets me up and helps to kickstart my day. After a while though, I wanted to speed things up so I started jogging which cut 10 minutes off the 30 minute walk. As I did this, I got better at jogging and now it's back to 30 minutes again instead now I run. In his younger days, Lefty would run with me but he's not much of a jogger. Instead, I let him off his leash in the park so he can sniff around while I do laps.

2 miles was my limit but since I did it every day I felt it was good exercise. I needed an excuse to push myself farther and I got one in the Bolder Boulder. It's a semi-famous 10K race in Colorado. Previously I avoided such events. Personally I didn't see any appeal to paying $50+ to run. Running is free. All you need is a decent pair of sneakers and you are good to go. What finally convinced me was a coincidence. This year is the 40th annual Bolder Boulder and I am 40 years old. The race grows every year but I can't say the same. So I signed up to see if I could do it.

Since 2 miles was already well within my capabilites, I only had to triple that to 6 miles to be worthy. I spent the month leading up to the race training but only got to 5 miles. Still, I felt I could handle that last mile. I even ran to work one day; a 5 mile trip. My time is about an 11 minute per mile which seemed pretty good to me. I could have qualified for a racing wave but I settled for the slower jogging wave being my first time running a 10K.

Well, I ran the 6 miles / 10 kilometers in 64 minutes. I was hoping to get under an hour and I might have if I weren't in the jogging wave. The course was pretty crowded and I spent a lot of time and energy weaving around slower runners and others that were just walking. It's most of a fun-run anyway and the course was littered with bands playing live, free food samples, and actual litter.

Now that I've proven to myself I can go the distance, I'm thinking of switching my bike to work days with run to work instead. I burn 3x more calories running and training for the Bolder Boulder I even lost the weight that I gained on the JoCo Cruise. I think if I run regularly I could even get down to my original weight: 6 lbs, 10 oz. ;)

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