Feb. 26th, 2018

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Erik Larson is an author I especially enjoy. His writing is best described as narrative non-fiction. Quite recently, I finished one of his books on the RMS Lusitania, a cross Atlantic cruise ship that was sunk by a German U-boat in WW1. It was a great tragedy but these days mostly forgotten in favor of the Titanic disaster.

Still, the book piqued my interest in ships and marine logistics. Living in a land locked state, I find the entire enterprise of seafaring to be romantic and quaint. A book about a sinking ship might deter some people but I was keen to get on such a ship to see one for myself.

However, cruising is not a favorable vacation for single people. The cabins are billed based on there being at least 2 people in one. So to travel alone means paying double. The alternative is to find a stranger in the same situation and split the cost. Given that most cruisers are either newly-wed or nearly dead, there are few other singles looking for a roommate.

Perhaps I might have better luck with a chartered cruise. That is, one that is marketed towards a specific type of person. There are charters for all variety of demographics. One that I had interest in is the JoCo cruise which appeals to fans of musician Jonathan Coulton and his entourage of performers including comedians, authors, and other geek centric artists.

Said cruise was scheduled to depart in less than 2 weeks however so if I wanted to join, I had to act quick. So I did. I found a roommate in short order and arranaged everything in time to take a cruise vacation at the last minute. The was a lull in school before midterms and I had just recieved my annual bonus. It was now or never. Let's do this!

Much, much more in the next exciting entry!

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