Oct. 17th, 2014

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Through some fortune at work, I was called on to attend a tech conference in St. Paul. As I had never been to the Twin Cities before, I arrived a couple days early for site-seeing. Here are some thoughts on that trip.

I learned a lot of history about that area during a walk around the St. Anthony Falls heritage trail.
Nicollet Island was very pretty with the autumn colors.
The Guthrie Theater is a neat building with great views of the Mississippi River.
The light rail is super cheap and convenient although the green line to St. Paul is a bit slow due to the route.
I got to see A Prairie Home Companion at the Fitzgerald theater. What a treat!
St. Paul Art Crawl is a cool event but I didn't have time to see much.
Lots of establishments have signs explicitly banning firearms. I guess this is to offset the state's gun laws.
Took a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi River. It was at night and very serene.
Visited the St. Paul Capitol building but it was under massive renovations so much of it was closed off.
Also toured the James J. Hill mansion. Railroad tycoons had incredible houses.
Enjoy local specialty "Juicy Lucy" twice.
Went to Mall of America during a cloudy day. I escaped without a single purchase. Take that capitalism.
So many churches. Big ones too.
Snoopy statues a plenty. Charles Schulz was a resident there.
My feet hurt after too much walking so I rented a bicycle through the city Nice Ride system. Quite a lot of bike riders there.

The rest of the trip was spent at the conference so I won't go into details there. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are great places to visit. Thanks Twin Cities!

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